Monday, November 21, 2011

Birthday Blessings

I took the day off. A good start!
Then I decided to commemorate my 47 years with 47 minutes in the elliptical machine.

All I can say is, I hope Jesus comes back before I turn 48 because I barely survived that. (I admit, I'm a wimp.)
My husband was supposed to pick me up so we can have lunch but that changed when I received a call from our son, P, "Uhm, Mom? The awards thing is today at 11:40." So, change of plans to meet at school and have lunch there somewhere instead.
After lunch, I went to Abercrombie (and held my breath the entire time I was there) to exchange the 2 things my husband bought for me the night before. They were size extra small. Bless his clueless heart. Got a nice, sensible gray sweater instead.

I picked up P two hours later (did I really spend two hours walking around? Why, yes, yes I did.) We went to Costco to buy flowers because they are $5 cheaper than the florist down the street. Of course $111 later....
The bagger at Costco commented on the beautiful bouquet. I told him it was for my Mom. He asked if it was her birthday and I replied, no it's mine. Oh, he was so tickled that I'm buying flowers for her on my birthday. He said that was the sweetest thing. He had the biggest smile that I didn't have the heart to tell him I was taking it to the cemetery.

(Thank you, Mom.)

Leaving the cemetery, we saw this: waterfall in the sky!

Blessings are pouring forth! And indeed they have:
  • Calls and text messages from my family, near and far.
  • Birthday greetings and prayers from friends, near and far.
  • A special blog post from a dear friend from college whom I have reconnected recently. It's a bonus that we are both Jesus girls now.
  • A poem from another college friend. She is embarking on writing a thousand verses to glorify God. She is also a Jesus girl.
  • Dinner with my extended family including my sister, who shares the same birthday though 8 years apart. (My mom is known for her timing.)
  • Seeing our boys play together.
On the way home, P took a picture of the sunset. When I looked at it later in the evening, it reminded me a lot of the Calvary Chapel dove! Compare:
Yes, Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!
As I wrote my blessings on my notebook, my mind drifted back to what the first graders (dressed as little pilgrims!) sang during the awards program: "Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks to the Holy One, give thanks because HE has given Jesus Christ, His Son."
That is the greatest gift of all.


bogodoy said...

Was that the best birthday you've ever had? Satisfy my curiosity, friend.

~Grace and Peace said...

Why, yes, yes it was. Thank you!